Getting started

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Welcome to the Net Responsibility (NR) Forum! If you are an accountability partner for a NR user, you are providing them with important help in their desire to use the internet in an appropriate way. Currently, only NR users can post to this forum, but if you are not an NR user, you can still access and read any part of the forum.

We realize that accountability partners may have various questions or run into problems when trying to understand how the NR program and reports work. If you need help with something, you should first read the following guides:

<a href="">Being A Good Accountability Partner</a>

<a href="">Understanding the Reports</a>

<a href="">Troubleshooting the Reports</a>

If the above guides do not help you with the question or problem you have, or if you want to contact the NR developers for another reason, you can send an email to
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