Not sending reports

Okay, before posting this, I have:

-Checked to make sure NR is running.
-Triple checked the email address.
-Tried to manually send the reports.

This has done nothing. My accountability partner has yet to see a single report.

What is going on?


  • Have your accountability partner double checked the spam folder?

    What happens if you run:

    sudo net-responsibility -tr

  • I have the same problem. I can successfully receive the test report, but the manual report doesn't come through.
  • cout, is it only you or your accountability partner too that doesn't get the report? The test report will send a report to _both_ you and your accountability partner, while the regular reports _only_ will be sent to your partner.

    Also, have your accountaibility partner double checked his/her spam folder, since the reports may end up there.

    What is your output from:

    sudo net-responsibility --report --debug

  • It was in my spam folder. I had checked there already, but I guess I was tired and didn't see it. Odd that the test report isn't marked as spam but the regular one is.

    I am my own accountability partner while I test the software and make sure it does what I want it to do.
  • Alright, glad it's working then :)
  • I'm having the same problem. I'll start a new topic.
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