SMTP Exception 550

My partners have not been receiving reports for about three days (we have it set to send every day). When I try to manually send reports or test reports from the Terminal, I am greeted with the following message:

> Starting Net Responsibility
> Loading options
> Downloading configuration file
> Connecting to database
> Generating report Sending report
> **SMTP Exception: The server rejected the message: 550 Message rejected due to content policy
> Report could not be sent**
> Other instance found
> Shutting down Net Responsibility

Both my email and my partners' email addresses are Gmail, though changing to a Yahoo address didn't fix the problem. Is this an internal problem, say an Ubuntu spam filter, or somewhere else? I haven't changed any settings that I can think of that would have contributed to the problem...


  • What version of Net Responibility are you running?
  • I currently have 3.0.3-1 installed. However, on February 2, my reports started sending out again just as mysteriously as they had stopped, so I no longer have the problem. Thanks!
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