Test reports sent, but usage report not sent to accountability partners!

Before I begin, please note that I have already read and considered the material on this page. For reference, I am using net-responsibility 3.0.3 on Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr).

In particular, I have:

  • had my accountability partner (my wife) check her spam folder (and I have checked it myself as well);
  • double-checked the email addresses in the configuration;
  • checked for successful registration, installation and configuration.

When I run the check-nr.sh script it responds that net-responsibility appears to be running.

My problem is the following: my accountability partner is not receiving the reports, neither the automated ones nor those that I send manually. However, they can and do receive the test reports immediately after they are sent.

From what I can see, my problem is almost identical in nature to that experienced by the OPs in these posts 1 and 2. In fact, my output of sudo net-responsibility --report --debug is the same as that of 2.

Please don't disregard this as a case of user error. I have tried to be very careful to check my work and I know a thing or two when it comes to software. I would look through the code on the BitBucket repository myself, but I'm not sure where to go hunting. Interestingly, I'm having a different problem with sending reports on my Mac running Mavericks 10.9.3, but that is probably for another post.



  • Sorry for a late reply. It sure seems like you've done your homework!

    The only things that comes to mind are:

    • The test report is also sent to the user's email. If you for some reason have mixed them up in your configuration (email_from and email_to) that might be a problem.
    • There might be some kind of pre-spam filter by your email provider. Adding report@netresponsibility.com to your address book could solve that.

    If none of the above applies, I'd try to install the latest dev version from BitBucket. It's not completely stable, but close to beta release (4.0). It might solve this problem, but I don't dare to make any promises...

    Since you seem somewhat familiar with linux, compiling the source should probably be a fairly straight forward process.

    Please keep us updated on any progress.

  • Thanks for the response! I've since "fixed" the other problem on my Mac. I say "fixed" because I didn't really do anything in that situation. The problem there was that when I would send reports manually it would never finish the process, getting stuck at "Generating reports..."; however, the Mac managed to send the reports somehow anyway. Auto-generated reports don't seem to ever be sent, but the manual ones do. Anyway, I'm not worried about this glitch for now.

    Unfortunately, from the above data, it is clear that neither of the two possibilities you mentioned are actually the issue. I'll try to build from the latest source on BitBucket and let you know how it goes. It may take me a little while to get on it though as I'm rather busy at the moment.

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