NR doesn't automatically generate and send reports

Hi everyone!

Daniel Kreider here...

First of all, a BIG thanks to everyone who has helped develop and support NR. You all are WONDERFUL!

Now, the problem...

I've been running NR on Linux Mint 17.1 VM. Everything works fine except it won't automatically send reports. I can send both a test and an actual report via the terminal but I have to do it manually. I've set NR (via the web - interface) to automatically send a report every other day.

I've ran "net-responsibility -c" a couple times, always successfully downloading the file.

I've tried the "check-nr" script and it always tells me NR is running.

I've checked my spam folder and haven't found anything in it plus all the test messages came though just fine. None of them got blocked.

Maybe I'm mistaken, Do I have to manually send the reports to accountability partners?

One thing it does is do is after I manually generate the report it'll say " Other instance found. Shutting down Net Responsibility". Is that how it always does? I've included a snapshot...

Anybody have a good suggestion?



  • Hi!

    Glad that you find the software helpful. One explanation could be that your computer never reboots, is that the case? NR 3.0.3 only check if it's time to send a report on boot. This is fixed in the next version, not yet released. In the meantime you can use some other software, such as cron, to schedule the reports.

    Your screenshot is looking good. That's how NR is supposed to look.

    God bless!

  • Hell Roggan87!

    Thanks for the response.

    I installed it on a "live" machine and it's working properly now.

    It's resolved. Thanks for your help!

    God bless!

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