No activity since 2014. Is this still viable software?

I'm running Ubuntu 14.04. I just found NetResponsibility and I am so excited for this help. I have registered and installed.
But I don't see any activity on the home page or forum to indicate that there is a living soul out there manning the server. Is there?
It installed fine, and emailed me my reg link. So those are good signs.

Anybody out there?


  • Hello @blinkinginthelight!

    To be honest, our future is a little murky right now. The software and server are still running wonderfully, we just aren't entirely sure what will happen with NR in the future. NR's development has essentially come to a halt -- the C++ devs just don't have much free time.

  • Hello Erreth. What would it take to jump-start development on NR?

  • Hey @rmishler,

    Sorry for the late response. What we really need is one or more C++ developers. Know of any who would be willing to contribute to NR?

  • edited June 2018
    Thanks for that information!
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