2016 development

Looking at the main website it seems there has not been a update for a long time. the current stuff mentioned on the home page is 2013. This got me thinking
1. is this project still currently being maintained
2. is this project now just user developed
3. why is there no update of the main site.
4. does this app work on late ubuntu 14.04 and above or other modern linux os

it would be good to have things updated and current on the main site so people know where the project is.
if net responsibility is still maintained and has a current update in 2016 it would be great to know.
thanks a concerned previous user.


  • Hey Mickey,

    We totally understand your concern.

    There has not been a ton of activity in quite a while. There was a flurry of commits a few months ago in our bitbucket repository from Robert as he tried to help me get NR installable with OSX Homebrew. But that has been about the extent of activity. The Homebrew script works well, but before I contribute it to the Homebrew core repo I need to have some tests running for it.

    The real issue is both @Robert and @Micah have become quite busy and don't have a ton of time to work on this stuff. I don't know C++ too well and I don't have the time or energy to learn it well enough to contribute to the NR codebase in that way.

    What we really need are C++ devs who are willing to contribute some time to NR.

    I'm not sure about NR's status on Ubuntu 14.04, I don't use that distro. I tried to install it on Arch a while ago, but it didn't compile with poco 1.6. The poco 1.6 issue has since been updated in bitbucket I believe.

    Regardless, it would be good to update the front page. Maybe Robert can chime in with what he thinks would be a good message.

  • FYI, I've been able to install NR on Ubuntu/Lubuntu 14.04 via the PPA and a standard package manager. I've been using it for awhile and it seems to be working fine. Not sure if it will work on versions 14.10 or later -- I remember some people having issues (perhaps mentioned on this forum or the email list), but I can't remember if they were able to use a workaround or whether it seemed to be something in the code that needed to be changed.

  • Any update on this? I'd very much like to see something available for the macOS come to life. Thx!

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