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Some people have asked me if Net Responsibility is available for Windows. Glad to hear that there is an interest for Net Responsibility from Windows users as well :)

All versions up to 2.0.2 are only targeting Linux, but later versions do have Windows and Mac OSX in mind. There are other good software in the two later platforms, but why limit ourselves? While we are creating an as good accountability software as we can, why not offer it to other platforms as well? Don't get me wrong, the main focus will still be Linux, since there is very little other accountability software available, and of course we want to support Open source :)

Most things are compatible in Windows as well, but there are some features missing. I think it's possible to compile and run Net Responsibility on Windows, but without these features. The main things missing are:

- Manual shutdowns by the user will not get caught.
- Multiple instances of Net Responsibility may be running at the same
time, which means all visited URLs will be displayed several times.
- Windows installer. NSIS seems to be our best option.

In Windows the daemons are called services, and they're handled pretty different than in Linux and Mac OS. I think, but I haven't tried it enough, that the service may be installed with this command:

net-responsibility --registerService --displayName="Net Responsibility" --startup=automatic

I've personally put the Windows development aside for a while, primarily because I don't have Windows installed and I think it's more important to release a good version for Linux first. Then in time we can port it to Windows as well. However, I've had Win users in mind while writing, so the porting shouldn't be too hard.

Another important aspect is that Net Responsibility still has a bit left to go, and I'm mainly thinking on the filtering and ranking feature. In my point of view it's better to release a good stable version on Windows, or not release it at all.

Feel free to respond here if you're interested in either developing or installing Net Responsibility in Windows.


  • I would very much be interested in trying net responsibility on Windows and was actually recently thinking whether this would be something you might pursue. I am not a developer but would be happy to do any testing required.
  • Thanks for showing interest theirishkiwi! There are some things that still needs to be done from the programming perspective, but I'll let you know when we're ready for some beta testing on Windows.
  • Hi Admin,

    here is an idea of how I would check if it was shutdown...

    create the normal log, but as the last entry stating that it was illegally shutdown.

    if the program is shutdown correctly, remove this line. otherwise it will remain.

    would that work?

    i remember a few years ago, i made one for windows. but i had the loop set wrong and so it ate up system resources. i had it do something unique as well. if it detected a porn site, it would turn up volume to 100% and shout "Turn off the pornography!"

  • Haha you just gotta love that audio touch :) Maybe something to add as a plugin for NR?

    Thanks for your input about shutdowns. I think we have a pretty good idea of how to implement the bypass detection, it just has to be done :) Since you mention you've done some development before, I just have to ask; are you still running Windows and would you be interested in helping us out there?
  • Hi,

    wish I could help out more.. I am actually a missionary in the middle east. i do programming for fun sometimes, but I do not have a lot of extra time to devote to new programing projects.

    I only know how to program in a bunch of different basic dialects, like rapidq, realbasic, autoit, blitzbasic, and perl. Other than that I am not too helpful.

    I use windows maybe once a month right now. So I am getting more and more out of touch with how to use it. I switched to ubuntu when vista came out. I only use windows when I really have to. (rarely)

    But, if you get a alpha or a beta, I could help try it out from time to time.
  • I see, thanks for the offer to help trying out unstable versions :)

    Wish you the best,
  • yeah I've switched to Ubuntu also, but still have a Windows partition for certain programs, (such as Logos bible study software). I'd like to be able to use NR on all platforms that I use regularly just to keep things the same, so a Windows and Mac version would be well received. I get asked about accountability software often since I do ministry and IT, and I know there's a market for it.

    But thanks for the Linux version most of all! It was what made me able to fully switch over, and now more people are following in my footsteps, and so I point them to NR when they do.
  • I have been looking for days for a good free accountability program for windows, but I just can't find one that comes even close to this program.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could release a windows version soon.
  • I'm looking at switching back to Windows from Ubuntu due to some stuff at work and would love to continue using NR instead of having to go back to Covenant Eyes or something like that.
  • @audioboxer217: Glad you like the software! At the moment it's not really possible to run NR in Windows. Are you any familiar with development and interrested in contributing?
  • Hi roggan87,

    I'm familiar with development and can send you my resume if interested. Currently running Ubuntu 12.04LTS with NR but looking for a windows solution right now other than from Mcafee with I'm currently using. Would love to help if I can.
  • Hi!

    Thanks for the offering, you're more than welcome to look at it! This document is a good starting point:

    The next thing to do is getting the source compiled in a Windows environment. I've done it before with MinGW + MSYS, but that was a while ago. I'll see if I can find some notes on how I did it.

    Since development discussions are held on the mailing list I think we should continue the conversation over there.

  • Any news on the Windows Client?
  • Nothing as far as I know. PROtein.stack, have you done any work on it?
  • Nothing so far, to be honest I haven't compiled the source in a windows environment yet and this is the first project I've worked on like this. I will join the mailing list and start getting my feet wet and will also let you guys know if this is beyond me or I am unable to continue/fit it into my schedule! Thanks for the patience!
  • No problem, see you at the mailing list then!
  • Can I get a link for the mailing list, I can't seem to find it
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